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David Marion | Leading Addiction Interventionist and Sober Coach Nationwide

Hope is the one thing we can always hold on to. It has the power to bring our loved ones back from the depths of their addiction.


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David Marion is an addiction interventionist and sober coach in South Florida. He travels across the nation to help those who have been bankrupted in mind, body, and spirit by the overwhelming force of addiction.

Your loved one is suffering beyond measure, and you’ve seen the ripple effects of their disease firsthand. Chances are, you’ve gotten caught in the waves yourself.

You’re frustrated that they won’t get help or change their behaviors

You’re afraid they’re going to die or end up in jail

You’re tired of living in a constant state of pain and worry

You’re angry about the choices they’re making

You feel guilty for even feeling angry

You truly feel like the person you love isn’t recognizable anymore. 

Even when they’re in the same room as you, they aren’t really there. 

They’re distant and vacant, and you just want them back.

I’m here to tell you that your loved one is still in there, and we’re gonna pull them out of the depths of addiction – together. 

It’s time to kick addiction’s ass.

Ann R, Addiction Intervention

“David Marion is a first-rate professional and the service he provided our daughter and our family proved to be invaluable. David relies first on his personal experience to connect to his client and their loved ones. A deep understanding of addiction and mental illness, as well 

as nationwide facilities that best treat patients with these diagnoses, guided us. Trust, commitment, and dedication to providing a path to healing from addiction were ever-present. 

From the first phone conversation, David clearly set forth goals and communicated the intervention process. He was realistic and all the while hopeful. Accessible and readily available to answer questions, David created a comfort level and supported us. We were understandably struggling to grasp how to best help our loved one and David forged a doable path. David is action-oriented, realistic, and tenacious. His impact, without a doubt, was tremendous.”

Setting up an addiction intervention can feel like an emotional rollercoaster.

Whether you’re a spouse, parent, friend, or loved one, you probably feel…

  • Guilty for setting up the intervention without your loved one knowing

  • Nervous about how they’ll react

  • Scared of the unknown and what lies ahead

  • Anxious about what they’ll do or say 

  • Hopeful that this will finally help them heal

All of these emotions are completely normal and valid.

As overwhelming as it may feel, you’re doing the right thing. 

Your loved one doesn’t need to hit rock bottom to get help. They need to get help now.

The sobering truth of the matter is, addiction can only end in one of three ways - jail, institutions, or death. But, by intervening, I offer a fourth way – and that’s recovery.

Addiction is a disease that kills your loved one. And I don’t just mean physically.

It kills their hopes, their dreams, their finances, their relationships, and their future. 

Addiction is a selfish disease that kicks potential’s ass.

You see all the potential in your loved one being overtaken by their addiction. 

That's because when you match potential up with addiction, addiction kick's potential ass every time.

It’s a relentless disease that never stops requiring more of their substance of choice just to feel the same effects. 

It's a disease that wants your loved one dead, but they will end up settling for a life of misery. 

There’s just no way around it, unless they get help.

I know what they’re going through all too well, because I’ve been exactly where they are.

Hi, I'm David Marion

I’m a sober coach (NCRC) and addiction interventionist (NCIP), and I was plagued by addiction for decades.

Anything that made me feel good became my obsession.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my addictions were filling a void for me – replacing what I really needed emotionally and spiritually.

From gambling to opiates, I used whatever I could to help me feel something

David Marion, The Life Recovery Coach.jpg

As an addiction interventionist who’s been in your loved one’s shoes, I know their pain.

Before I could even realize what was happening around me, my addictions took over my life.

Fast forward to today, and I’m a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional 

(NCIP) and Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC). I’ve put together prevention and awareness programs for school-aged kids, and I advocated for Minnesota’s first opioid stewardship bill

I mentor industry professionals throughout the nation by serving as a trainer, consultant, and advisor to individuals and facilities alike for their own intervention and sober coaching services. 

I’m the author of Addiction Rescue: The NO-BS Guide to Recovery, and I’ve spoken to thousands of people across the nation in prisons, conventions, AA rooms, and schools.

I went on a massive journey of growth and deep healing, and now my passion lies in helping people conquer their addictions, find hope and meaning, and truly recreate their lives. 

I’ve helped countless people through interventions, sober coaching, and as an addiction speaker and a sober companion.

And, I can help your loved one, too.

I believe that recovery is simple, but not easy.

When I hold an intervention, I don’t just show up and leave if I’m met with resistance. 

I stay until the job is done and we’ve overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of your loved one getting the help they need.

After being on the other side of the table during my own intervention in my 20’s, I know how difficult the experience can feel for your loved one. 

I won’t leave their side until we get them to the point where they are ready to go to treatment.

  • Where they see its value.

  • Where they know it’s time. 

  • Where they are willing to surrender.

  • Where they open themselves up for healing.

It may not seem like it, but your loved one is silently begging to be led into a solution. 

They don’t want to be in pain anymore.

They need to have an awakening to disrupt and interrupt their behaviors.

With your help, I’m here to offer them that awakening.

The Life Recovery Interventions Team

Dana Golden has worked with me since day one and has been a critical part of growing the impact we are making at The Life Recovery Coach in the lives of individuals and families suffering from substance abuse disorder.

As an interventionist and family recovery coach, she sits in a unique position to help families suffering from the consequences of their loved one’s addiction. She is also the co-author of our book, Addiction Rescue: The NO-BS Guide to Recovery.

Dana Golden_NCFRC.jpg

Trevor C, Family Recovery Coaching

"Dana was an absolute Godsend in the darkest moments of my life. My roommate/coworker was addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine, my wife was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and my best friend was gambling and a meth addict. I was at the end of my rope when Dana stepped in. She helped me with the cycle of codependency to start living my life again. I owe everything to her."

How much has your loved one already lost due to addiction?

  • Have they lost their joyous, carefree spirit?

  • Have they damaged strong relationships with good people?

  • Have they missed out on major milestones with their loved ones?

  • Have they lost their light, their spark, their values, their dreams?

Believe me when I say, it doesn’t have to end like this.

There is a way out.

By having an intervention, you can finally open your loved one’s eyes.

You can give them real hope that there is a way to get out of the dark place they’re in. 

You can give them the pathway to getting their life back. 

Michael S, Life Recovery Coaching

“David is the consummate professional who truly cares about the well-being of his clients. He truly invests himself in his life-saving process and is an activist for recovery. I would not be here today if it were not for him. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with him. I give him my wholehearted endorsement.

Can you imagine your loved one...

Being themselves again

Laughing with you

Being honest with you

Having the motivation to grow and be better

Gaining the inner tools to guide them through life's ups and downs in a healthy way

This is all possible for them, as it was for me.

My work as a sober coach and addiction interventionist allows me to open your loved ones’ eyes.

After decades of struggling through my own addictions, I’m able to genuinely, truly, and authentically connect with them. 

I give them hope, patience, and understanding.

I will be with them every step of the way, providing encouragement and giving them the confidence they need to move forward on a path to recovery

By the end of the intervention, your loved one will experience a sense of surrender to truly open themselves up for the real, deep healing needed to conquer their addiction.

Are you ready to finally get your loved one back?

If you're thinking to yourself...

  • An intervention won't work...

  • There's no way my loved one will agree to go to treatment...

  • My loved one has been to treatment before and it didn't help...

I’m here to tell you that I’ve witnessed the power of addiction interventions hundreds of times over.

I believe in them so strongly because they do work, even with the most resistant people. 

And if your loved one has tried treatment before and it didn’t help, I’m here to offer them a new path - a new way of healing. 

As I stated before, recovery isn’t one size fits all, and I’m committed to providing your loved one with the resources they need to find a form of treatment that works for them. 

“Dave is one of a kind!  His ability to connect to people in his own unique way is really cool. He openly shares his own life experiences to help others struggling. He’s made a huge impact on my son’s life for the past 2+ years. He truly sticks with the families he helps. Highly recommend!”

Tara H

Get your loved one back in six easy steps:

  1. ​Book a free phone consultation with me.

  2. On the phone call, we’ll do an assessment of the services that will best help your loved one.

  3. We’ll then have a pre-intervention meeting with your family and friends.

  4. After the pre-intervention meeting, everyone attending the intervention will write an impact letter to be read at the intervention. I will edit and approve these. 

  5. Intervention day.

  6. Upon the end of a successful intervention, your loved one will go to treatment, and I will be with them every step of the way. 

Work with an addiction interventionist and sober coach to finally conquer addiction

Robin F, Addiction Intervention

“Were it not for David's help with the intervention, my brother would be dead now because his family and friends could not budge him from his bed. David had us each email him for review a letter written to my brother. He met us before the intervention to lay out the plan, and the intervention itself took hours. After a couple hours, David took me aside and said my brother remained resolute that he was not going anywhere; I asked him to go back in the room alone and not give up. He went back and managed to get my brother to agree to get out of bed. David then escorted us to the ER where he helped get my brother admitted. This was a very good thing because my family and I were at loose ends at this point. Communication before, during, and after was and has been good and David has even offered to talk to another family member who is in AA and often struggles. He's very committed to helping people get past their addictions."

Alberto & Maria, Addiction Intervention

"Somehow without warning, things for my young, adult daughter changed a few months ago and she began using drugs. As a result of her choices, we were faced with one of the hardest decisions as a family. Her mother and I, long ago divorced, along with my wife, made the decision to have an intervention for our daughter. Not knowing how to respond, act or maneuver through this difficult matter in the best interest of my daughter, we hired Intervention Specialist, Dana Golden. We were stricken with fear, grief, angst, and frustration, I found myself beyond grateful to have Dana on our team.

Dana helped us keep the intervention goal oriented and focus-driven with a loving and humane approach. When we were at our wit's end, together we devised a different approach and, in the end, my daughter agreed to receive help and Dana flew her out of the state to a highly recommended treatment facility. I can honestly state that without Dana, we would not have had such a positive result. Dana has gone above and beyond her responsibilities as an Intervention Specialist in making herself readily available and continues to help us navigate this unknown path without hesitation."

Ian H, Addiction Intervention & Life Recovery Coaching

“I have known David for about one year at this point. I have been struggling with alcoholism for roughly the last 10 years now. I have tried treatment many times. It wasn't until, I had an intervention with David, that my sobriety took a turn for the better. He truly confronts this disease with passion and experience.  I have been working with him as a Life Recovery coach for the past year now.


I wouldn't be where I am today without him. It's hard for me to pontificate the no-nonsense approach that he delivers. He is professional, passionate, and most of all, he is in it for the outcome of his clients’ sobriety, not the income. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking to help save a loved one’s life. He saved mine!”


Finding your solution with an intervention

What is an intervention?

At this point you may be wondering…what is an intervention? You might’ve seen interventions in TV shows and movies, but what is an intervention really like? 

During an addiction intervention, family, friends, and loved ones come together to honestly confront someone in their life who is struggling with a drug, alcohol, or process addiction. 

Some people try to run an intervention on their own, but it can be incredibly difficult when emotions and resistance get in the way. Getting help with an intervention from an addiction professional allows the family to communicate and convey how they are feeling in a healthy way. 

As an addiction interventionist, I act as a mediator between your loved one who is struggling with addiction, and everyone who loves them. I aim to help your loved one admit that they have an addiction, offer them hope that there is a way out, and get them to go to treatment. 

How does an intervention work?

On the day of the intervention, your loved one will arrive without knowing why they’re there. After arriving, they will be met with the intervention team, consisting of myself, loved ones, friends, and anyone else deemed pertinent to the intervention. Each person will individually share the letter they’ve prepared along with their feelings and concerns about your loved one, while emphasizing the care and love they have for them.

Through careful and thoughtful planning with myself, each person will also share the consequence they plan to uphold if your loved one says they will not go to treatment. This creates a sense of leverage and provides an added incentive for your loved one to go to treatment. 

Wondering how to have a successful intervention?

If you’re wondering how to have a successful intervention, it’s so important to know that we don’t want your loved one to feel completely attacked. We want to be honest and clear about the effects their addiction has had on their life and on yours, but we don’t want to make them feel judged or shamed. 

We want to give them love. We want to offer them hope that they can change and that change is possible for them. Your loved one might display a lot of resistance or anger, and it’s important to be prepared for any reaction they may have. We will go over how to have honest, gentle responses for any reason that your loved one may come up with to deny the extent of their addiction, or any excuse they may have for why they cannot go to treatment. Additionally, we don’t want to offer your loved one time to consider going to treatment, since they can use this to exit the situation entirely, or go on a full-blown bender. 

Always keep in mind that an intervention isn’t a time for blaming, accusing, or name-calling. It’s a time to offer hope, respect, heartfelt concern, and love. 

Our Services

We offer the following services in South Florida and nationwide.

Get your loved one the help they need to finally conquer their addiction. Our addiction intervention services include a pre-intervention meeting with family and friends, impact letter writing, the actual intervention, and transporting your loved one to treatment.

Why an addiction intervention is needed
Family Walking Together.jpg

Substance use and addiction is a family disease. And so too is recovery. Our Family Recovery Coaching program is designed to first understand the maladaptive roles family members take on with their loved one suffering from addiction, to ultimately nurture a more beneficial family dynamic that is essential to a successful and lasting recovery.

Getting clean is one thing, but staying in recovery is an entirely new battle to face. The beautiful thing is, you don’t need to navigate it alone. Our life recovery coaching services include a 3-month minimum of daily or weekly coaching sessions. From someone who’s been there, we'll help guide you through all the ups and downs of recovery.

Sober coaching is key to sustained recovery
David Marion Leading Addiction Speaker.jpg

I’ve offered messages of hope and healing to tens of thousands of people across the country through speaking engagements at board rooms, locker rooms, prisons, conventions, AA meetings, and schools. With my addiction speaker services, I offer motivation and hope to your audience by way of experience and passion. 

Don’t let transportation get in the way of you getting your life back. With our sober transport services, we'll drive, fly, or ride with you or your loved one to and from treatment or any other facility. As a sober transport, I’ll take you to where you’re supposed to go safely, providing you the support you need along the way. 

Sober transportation to get where you need to go with support
Sober companionship keeps you on track to recovery

Navigating the world sober can be overwhelming. You don’t have to miss out on life while you’re in recovery. With our sober companion services, we'll be by your side for a variety of events, occasions, vacations, helping you maintain sobriety under adverse circumstances. 

For Professionals

Interested in becoming an addiction interventionist? I offer addiction interventionist coaching services so you can harness your passion for helping people plagued by addiction into an effective, powerful skillset. By the end of our work together you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to run an effective addiction intervention on your own.

“Your background and circumstances may have influenced who you are, but you are responsible for who you become.” - Darren Hardy 

David Marion is a top addiction interventionist and sober coach in South Florida. He travels all across the nation and has worked with countless families and individuals struggling with addiction. With his knowledge, passion, and decades of personal experience, David instills a message of hope and strength to all who feel suffocated by the confines of addiction.

*Due to the nature of addiction, outcomes or results cannot be guaranteed. However, we will spend as much time as necessary with your loved one during an intervention to elicit our desired outcome and will use all of our knowledge, expertise, and resourcefulness in doing so.