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Substance Abuse Interventions

A step on the path to recovery

Don’t wait. One of the biggest addiction myths out there is that an intervention is for when a loved one hits their bottom. Too often it’s viewed as a last ditch effort to save them. While you're waiting, your loved one is dying. Why on earth would one watch, wait, and wonder where rock bottom is? If you’re here, it’s time.

"Any addiction that causes suffering of any consequence is reason enough to seek help and create the means for the person suffering from substance use disorder to reclaim their life."

Interventions are meant to create a great disruption for the addicts. However, though it is centered around the one that is afflicted, it encompasses those that are affected as well, namely the family and friends. It’s a first step on a journey that needs to be done together, one that sets the stage for creating new dynamics for everyone involved.

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I’m an interventionist that has walked the path of addiction and recovery. Not only am I an expert from an educational standpoint but I know, all too well, how your loved one is suffering. I can not express how important this is when confronting your loved one. To have someone on their side that has been there and done it is essential in helping them find the solution to write a happy ending to their story.


The Life Recovery Coach

My No-BS Intervention Process

1. Free Consultation

I dive into the roots to learn as much as possible about your loved one, including but not limited to, the family dynamics, traumas, past and present conditions. I leave no stone unturned so I have all facts when it comes time for the intervention. During the consultation we’ll make sure to get all your questions answered.

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2. Letters From Family & Friends

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During the consultation we will determine who will attend the intervention. Once those members are established, each will write a letter to the loved one. As part of my intervention services, I will work with each individual to edit their letter, not only to make them as powerful as they can be, but also to ensure the context and tone is appropriate and beneficial.

3. Pre-Intervention Planning

Myself, along with those attending the intervention, will determine the time and place for the intervention as well as the logistics in getting your loved one there. During this phase I will determine the best possible treatment facility and make arrangements to escort your loved one there. You will be informed of the pace and outline for the intervention, expectations, and potential outcomes. We will leverage consequences for your loved one to set up new boundaries. 

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4. Intervention

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Once your loved one arrives at the intervention, I will take charge and inform him/her of who I am and why I am there. I will deliver brutal honesty. We will follow the planned outline, participating members will read their letters, and I will talk about the recommended goal of treatment. And then I go to work. It is my job to help them understand what their addiction is doing to themselves and their loved ones, get them on board for treatment, and get them there.

5. Post-Intervention Plan

My services also include initial coaching and guidance for the family. A continuum plan post-intervention will be discussed to ensure recovery success. The type of addiction and a plethora of other circumstances play a role in this determination.

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It was a pleasure meeting with David. l was hesitant to work with a crisis interventionist, but he proved to be the person that God wanted us to work with. David is very passionate  in helping his clients and goes the extra mile to alleviate the family anxiety and replaces it with a strong feeling of trust in his process. Thank you David for showing my son the path to being healed and giving him the hope he was looking for. May the lord continue to shower you with the passion and empathy you have that helps you change so many people's lives for the better.

Doreen S.

It is my goal to be a lifeline of hope for those suffering from addiction. An intervention represents the jolt sometimes needed to move toward acceptance and recovery. I’m here to show your loved one that recovery is attainable, and a life free from addiction is possible.

Is an intervention right for your loved one?