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I'm David

A certified interventionist and recovery coach, author, public speaker and advocate for all suffering from substance use.

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Born and raised in Long Island, New York, though I never really grew up due to my substance use disorders, I’m proud to have helped thousands of individuals struggling with substance use through interventions, life recovery coaching, prison consulting and public speaking. 

As a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP) and a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC), I help individuals battling substance use take back control of their lives and onto a path of sustained recovery and prosperity. And as someone who has served time for the path my addictions took me down, I work with those in or facing incarceration.

Something I’m often asked is “Why do you do this work as an interventionist, coach and advocate?”

Some do it for the money. But I do it for the profound passion I have for helping others get out of the darkness and into the light as I was able to. My multiple addictions nearly cost me everything, including a multi-million dollar business, my marriage and relationships with my daughters and my freedom. With my addictions nearly costing me my life on more than one occasion, I dedicate every ounce of my being to helping others onto the path of recovery. 

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As a certified interventionist and recovery coach, I’m tough and to the point. I don’t give in to any of the excuses that try to give reason for continued substance use because I myself have used every excuse in the book. My approach as an interventionist and coach is to be the strong yet compassionate guide I wish I had during my darkest times. 

Over my 30 years as a motivational speaker and years as an interventionist and recovery coach, I’ve been honored to work with individuals from all walks of life, from teens and retirees to professional athletes and CEOs of major corporations. What I’ve learned is that each individual has their own story and history and thus, the path to recovery, purpose and prosperity is unique to each.

NCIP certification
NCRC certification
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My view is that any addiction that causes suffering of any consequence is reason enough to seek help and create the systems for the person suffering from substance use disorder in your life to reclaim their life. And it’s not only about the individual suffering from substance use, since the actions of one can affect so many others.

About Me Start

My mission is to see everyone that crosses my path lead their best life. For those of us that suffer from obsessive behavior and substance use, it's a lot harder. I dedicate my life to being a lifeline of hope.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve those that have suffered like I have. If we’re not yet connected on Instagram and Facebook, come over and join the conversation. And if you’re looking for more stories which illustrate that a beautiful life free of substance use disorders is possible, we are always sharing on our Blog.

In Life and Recovery, 

David Marion


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David Marion


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