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How to Make Money During Recovery

If you are in recovery from substance abuse, you likely don’t have a steady way to make money. While you are recovering and searching for that first big job opportunity, you can still bring in some income with a side gig. This will let you work while giving you the time to stay focused on your recovery. Here are a few ideas for side gigs that might just be right for you.

Pet Sitter

This one will work for just about anyone. When people who have pets go out of town, they need an easy, reliable way to keep their pets cared for while they’re gone. A pet sitter can come to the house each day to feed and water the pet, let it use the bathroom and spend some time with it, or they can just move into the house while the owners are gone. This gives them more time with the pets and lets them help with the house too. Be ready to sign an agreement with the owners about exactly what services you will provide. You can find out more about how to do this - and you can get certified as a pet sitter - right here.

Sell Items on Etsy

If you are a crafty kind of person, head to Etsy to sell some of your creations. This marketplace for creative people is full of handmade items that are beautiful, fun and quirky. The process to set up your own selling page on Etsy is simple, and you have a built-in audience of people who are already looking for things to buy. Spend some time creating your product, get some quality photos that show them off well, and launch your Etsy store!

Teaching Music Lessons

If you have musical ability and can play an instrument, consider marketing your services as an instructor of that instrument. Plenty of people out there want their children to learn how to play, so take advantage of that natural market. You can make decent money teaching lessons, and the work is rewarding when you see your students begin to put everything together as they play a song.

Other Online Gigs

Plenty of other jobs exist online that you can take advantage of as well. Make money with online surveys, rent out your house or a room as an AirBnB, or even drive for Uber. You can also sell just about anything online. You could even put together an informational series of videos on how to beat addictions to certain substances. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to put in the work.

Stay Focused

As you work these side gigs to provide some income until you land your first post-recovery job, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your top priority is to maintain your commitment to sobriety, so don’t let anything interfere with that. You can keep your resolve and behavior strong by eating in a healthy manner and exercising regularly. You should drum up support from your friends and family as well. The more people who know what you’re doing, the more accountability you will have. Taking care of your mental health is also important - you must be strong to continue resisting the pull of substance abuse.

As you work your way through recovery, don’t sit on the sidelines and say you can’t get a job. Get out there and create a job for yourself. Small side gigs can grow, and a year from now, you may be running a full-time business. Even if you land a full-time job, your side hustle can still provide extra money, so don’t wait - start today!


Special thanks to Rufus Carter for contributing this blog post. Please check out his website

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