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  • David Marion

The Importance Of Role Playing For Prevention and Awareness Of Addiction

If you were to ask any fifth or sixth grader the effects of smoking cigarettes they would all raise their hands and tell you smoking kills. Because tobacco companies have been made to add the surgeon generals warning to all packaging, the awareness of the dangers of smoking is undeniable.

Surgeon General's Warning

If you ask a fifth or sixth grader the effects of Opioids, they are unaware because no one is making the pharmaceutical companies put warnings on the packaging. There has been no awareness or prevention model to educate and bring the truth to the public that these pharmaceuticals cause addiction and death.

Why not?

These pernicious drugs are crippling our neighborhoods like a category 5 hurricane and ravaging our youth. We’re losing 175 people a day from overdoses; the time has come for reformation and change.

What can we do?

We need to create a prevention and awareness model as well as a solution for the addicted. Many cannot afford treatment and do not know what prevention model will be effective. For early prevention it is extremely important to create role-playing as well as continually educating our youth.

Role-playing allows them to play out situations in a safe environment that may occur in real life situations in the future. This prepares kids with the cognitive recall to make the right choices in circumstances, which would otherwise catch them off-guard. This role-playing model resonates with kids, focuses them and empowers them with the skills and tools needed to make better decisions. Every decision and choice leads to a consequence, good or bad, and our goal is to create healthy choices and the ability to make them through healthy living and education.

March For Recovery will be coming to a city near you soon. Our goal is to raise awareness about the Opioid Epidemic, the destruction it’s causing and the start of holding big pharmaceutical companies accountable. It’s the responsible thing to do. It is also our intention to raise money in an effort to help those unable to afford treatment.


Do you know someone that needs help? No matter if it is prevention, creating awareness, or need immediate intervention - I can help.

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