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Prison Consulting: Before, During, and After

What is a Prison Consultant?

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To be blunt, a good Prison Consultant is someone who has been there, in prison, doing time. The Prison Consultant has already learned the intricacies from living inside the institution. 


A person who has worked for the prison system might be considered but think about their point of view. Working and living in these institutions are two very different scenarios. Working within the prison is all about the corrections side of the story. Living in an institution is very different. Living among other inmates, learning to follow procedures as an inmate, and relearning how to take care of yourself all over again is a different side of the situation. A person who works for the system does not understand the inmate’s perspective. An ex-inmate would understand how to do things, where to go for help and understanding, and the overall helplessness of being incarcerated.


Trial and error is not always the best way to learn something new. It is a good idea to get right, sound advice from someone who already knows the system. An excellent Prison Consultant has turned their life around and genuinely wants to be of service to someone who wants a better life in prison and when they are released.


For more details contact David Marion.


When you are incarcerated or before you go into an institution, it is a good idea to get familiar with the hierarchy within the prison. This knowledge will help a person understand how the organization works. It is very different from the movies and television versions. A Prison Consultant will help you figure out the personnel for the institution you will be attending. This step is significant for first-time offenders. There will be less confusion when you obtain this information.


A Prison Consultant will work with your legal team. They will help coordinate anything else you might need such as doctors care instructions, therapy appointments, and family concerns. Most of all, the Prison Consultant will be the guide you need to navigate your situation. They will offer support when you need it maybe even when you don't think you need it. Having a Prison Consultant will be a comfort for the confusing time spent in an institution.


Most people have never lived in this kind of environment. A professional Prison Consultant will know how to help an incarcerated person and their family do their best in this situation.


Coping, while incarcerated can be a challenge.


There is an old saying in prisons, "you can do the time or your time can do you." Basically what this means is you have time to improve your self, so use it wisely. While incarcerated, take advantage of the many programs offered. Don't remain idle and stew about things you cannot change or have no control over.


  • Get involved in programs offered.

  • Take a class.

  • Work on your education.

  • Earn that degree you will need in the future.

  • Making art is an excellent way to work through emotions.

  • Learning to meditate will calm your mind.

  • Write your story, some else's story, or write poetry, just write.

  • Physical activity improves the spirit, the body, and the psyche.

  • Read as much as you can.

  • Practice your religion.

  • Work on your spirituality.


One program you may be eligible for is the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) through the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) system. Your Prison Consultant will be able to determine if this program is available in the institution you are in or will be going to. The RDAP program rewards successful graduates with time off their sentences.


Ask your Prison Consultant to help you navigate the many processes involved and programs available so you can work on improving yourself for a better life.


For more details contact David Marion.


Release From Prison Can be Just as Overwhelming


A prison consultant will also be there as you navigate out of the prison system. Depending on how much time is spent incarcerated, the effects after prison can vary. When everything has been taken care of for you, acclimating back to housing, job, bills, mail, email, phones and the like can be incredibly overwhelming.


It is likely; you will be dealing with feelings you have never had before. It is essential to have someone there to help you through this transition.


A prison consultant will also be there in dealing with halfway houses, probation officers, counselors, extended programs such as TDAP, (the follow-up program to RDAP), and other various agencies as needed.


Hiring the right Prison Consultant


  1. Interview a few different people. An internet search will turn up many different people from different backgrounds. Referrals are also a good source of information. You want to make sure promises are kept, and progress is made with past clients. Ask for references. Make sure they own a legitimate and legal business. Ask what qualifies them as a Prison Consultant. 

  2. The Prison Consultant will determine what stage the to-be incarcerated or already incarcerated person is in. All individuals are not in the same situation. Each situation will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. From investigation or indictment to the arrest, all the way through the release, the Prison Consultant will guide you through the process.

  3. Family members can be a help and a hindrance. The Prison Consultant will help you with the different scenarios that will pop-up. A good guide can make a huge difference.

  4. A Prison Consultant
    • Does not take the place of an Attorney or undermines the Attorney's responsibilities
    • Will not exploit clients, check with the Better Business Bureau
    • Will consult client on prison life and nothing more


FYI: Prison Consultants are real people with great advice, but you are ultimately responsible for the decisions made. Your Prison Consultant cannot appeal to your case or give you legal advice. You should direct those questions to your lawyer.

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