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David Marion

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Sober Companions and Escorts

Here to help our clients stay sober

Our sober companions and escorts are all individuals that have walked the path of addiction and that remain in recovery to this day. Having taken the same steps to a sustained recovery, our approach is one of authenticity and emotional support, in order to help our clients reach the important milestones on the path to recovery.

Sober Companions

If you or someone you know is in need of a more hands-on approach to recovery, a sober companion is a wonderful option for maintaining sobriety. From a week to a month or longer, the sober companion is present with the client 24/7.

Our team of companions are highly skilled in recognizing triggers, behaviors and personality changes that indicate potential relapse. The Life Recovery Coach matches our clients with compatible companions that work with the client to encourage and help them implement new health-promoting habits for sobriety and meaningful recovery.

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Sober Companions

Sober Escorts

Road of support for treatment

A sober escort transports clients upon deciding to enter treatment or upon completing treatment. The transition period to and from treatment is extremely important given the fears, uncertainties and emotional stress associated with entering or exiting a treatment facility.

Having supported clients going into and coming out of treatment for many years, our team of sober escorts are here to make the journey to or from treatment supportive, safe and comfortable.

Sober Escorts
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