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Our Life Recovery Coaches

There Is Hope. Recovery Is Possible.

Having helped thousands of individuals suffering from addiction and substance abuse, through interventions, recovery coaching, family recovery coaching, public advocacy and more, we are dedicated to helping all individuals suffering from addiction achieve a life of purpose, joy and prosperity. 

Meet The Team

My mission is to see everyone that crosses my path lead their best life. For those of us that suffer from obsessive behavior and substance use, it's a lot harder. I dedicate my life to being a lifeline of hope.

For family members like me that have suffered through the substance use of a loved one, we often lose track of our own selves and purpose in the process. It is my mission to help loved ones take back their lives in order to restore healthy relationships and a life of joy and fulfillment.

Our view is that any addiction that causes suffering of any consequence is reason enough to seek help. And it’s not only about the individual suffering from substance use, since the actions of one can affect so many others. 

Through our 30+ years of experience working with families and individuals suffering from substance abuse, we believe in delivering honesty yet compassion. Recovery can be a huge mountain to climb and requires immense work and it is our mission to bring our knowledge and expertise to help each individual find their unique path to recovery, purpose and prosperity. 


We have walked the path of substance addiction and the destruction it brings, both as the individual suffering and as the family member trying to make sense of it all. Our approach is to be a strong yet compassionate guide for you, your family/friends and your loved one that we wish we had during our darkest times.

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